Monday, July 7, 2008

How much for my coffee?!

When you go out to dinner they always try and improve the salad. They’re like, '

Would you like some fresh pepper on your salad?'

Can anyone tell the difference between fresh and stale pepper? I can’t even taste the pepper. They might as well be like,

'Would you like us to wave this wooden wand over your salad?'

...'Uh, all right.'

'OK, enjoy your magic salad.'

-Jim Gaffigan

On a side note: I am currently sitting at a lovely little coffee shop on Bainbridge Island, enjoying a few more hours of a visit home for the weekend. I just paid $3.58 for a 16oz iced americano. Holy expensive coffee! I think my jaw actually dropped when she read the total to me. Also, on the menu, a 16 oz hot Americano is $2.60, so apparently it costs $1 more for ice. Who knew ice held such value these days? This same drink in Portland costs me $2.15. I'm a little peeved. My "cheap drink" is not so cheap anymore. Also, I'm trying not to eat dairy for a couple weeks just as a trial, apparently there are amazing health benefits from not eating dairy AND it gives you clear skin. Sounds like a win, win, until I was at the grocery store and everything I wanted to buy had dairy in it. AND, my pricey Americano, is so so plain because they were out of soy milk this morning, so no creamer for me...Eeesh, this could be a long couple weeks.

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