Wednesday, July 23, 2008

salt water and strong coffee

I love the ocean. I love all water. Just catching a glimpse of it sends me into bliss. I’m out at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast visiting my college roommate, Sara and her family at their beach house and let me tell you, it’s blissful. This morning I woke up, poured myself a big cup of coffee after searching around for the biggest mug in the cabinet and walked onto the deck to just take it all in, greeting the day as the waves greet the sand. It was warm enough to stand in pjs and bare feet. I pondered beginnings and what it might be like if the coast happened to be the edge of the world, you know… if the world was flat. I thought about home and friends coming and going, and how all things can be made new. What a refresher; it’s like the ocean set me up for the day and happy living.

Mornings are lovely, even in all their grogginess. Everything is new and beginning to come alive. I love the slow waking up process (as brutal as it can be sometimes). I love working at a coffee shop where I witness the waking up process right in front of my eyes. It’s kind of like the neighborhood kitchen and I just so happened to be the first one up in the neighborhood and strolled down to the kitchen to put on a cup of coffee and throw some muffins in the oven. Each person wakes up and walks into the kitchen to touch base, talk about their plans, catch up real quick and get some coffee to start the day. Some are all cleaned up and revved to go while others come in sleepy-eyed and disheveled. It’s a fascinating time of day to people watch, just hang out in my “kitchen” and you’ll see what I mean.

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Lisa said...

You are so cute Shannon. I just love your blogs, and we really have a way of seeing things through similar light. I feel the same way about the ocean. It has a way of putting things into perspective. We must really go together someday.

Ohh and my barista down the road is only person besides family that ever sees me fresh out of bed. It's an unspoken trust only coffee lovers share. I love you my coffee loving sister. Hope to see you soon ~Lisa