Saturday, June 21, 2008

can I have this dance?

I was reading at Crema this afternoon and feel privileged to have witnessed a moment that just made my heart leap.

It was a really hot and muggy day and I sat near the window for a little breeze. Crema is an old garage turned coffee shop and they had all the doors up and open. I was one of about five people inside. A couple young hipsters were typing away on their apple laptops. Another young couple chatted over their salads in the corner and a gray-haired lady sat reading the paper at a large table. A slower tune began to play over the speakers. The gray-haired woman with years of laugh lines collected upon her face, continued to read the newspaper, gently tapping her feet below. The dark-haired barista, in plaid walks over to her from behind the counter, extends his hand with a big smile asking, "can I have this dance?" The old woman blushes and sheepishly smiles, but her eyes can't hide her delight. She takes his hand and they move to the center of the cafe, stepping and twirling. Laughter and smiles envelope the two as they step back and forth. Her smiles extends ear-to-ear as her body remembers this dance from so many years passed. She is bubbling over with joy with each twirl and step. After one last twirl, she opens her arms for a hug. A familiar and warm laugh is shared before he returns to work and she to her newspaper. She sits, still smiling with her eyes and tapping her feet, pretending to read the paper.


Heather Olds said...

that's awesome. thanks for sharing..

Michele said...

Oh, I love it, I love it! You described it sooo well...felt like I was there. I'm sure I would love this little coffee shop because, like you, I need coffee, hope and melody.:)