Tuesday, June 17, 2008

strummin' on my gee-tar.

I am playing around with my guitar and it sounds almost like a song.
This is very exciting.
I've had a guitar for a few years now. It's come with me to the other side of the world, twice. More for my own listening pleasure, as I knew people who actually knew how to play the guitar would make use of it and play for me and the Malawian kiddos. This whole time, I've had no real clue how to play it. I know about five chords and it takes me so long to get the correct finger placement that I strum once and then a minute later, I find the next chord and strum again. It was just so brutal that it's been shut up in my closet for the year.
Since I've been out of school this week, I've brought her out in hopes that I may be a music prodigy and just not know it yet. While I am no music prodigy, practicing actually does pay off. I'm not actually playing chords to a real song, just practicing the chords I know, transitioning faster and experimenting with strum patterns, but it is so encouraging to hear something that sounds vaguely like music, coming from my own hands!

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I am Kate Maxwell and home is said...

yay! i believe in you. it's really not that hard once you spend a little bit of time with it.