Friday, June 20, 2008

afternoon dreams

After a lazy afternoon nap in the sun, I awoke just before my phone's alarm sounded...

I had just dreamt that I was in my apartment and decided to go outside to look for something. I'm not sure what. I found myself looking up through the trees but I also kept looking behind me. It felt like someone was following me and I felt a little scared. As I looked away from the trees and behind me, there was a pair of shoes following me (cute feminine flats, if you must know- and beige-I'm not a fan of beige, maybe that's why they were a bit scary.) I was weirded out at first, why am I being followed by shoes?? Shoes following me is scary. Then it dawned on me slowly, that I am better off with shoes than without them. I didn't have to fear what was behind me, following me. I could pick them up and use them to get where I am going.

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