Thursday, February 26, 2009

where i would rather be right now.

a couple of my favorites in Chiwengo Village, Malawi

Children of the Nations child, Malawi

Fisherman in Lake Malawi

Rainbow Glacier

Cove in Haines
The Cannery in Haines
if only...


rachel rianne said...

let's travel the world together.
for serious.

how tough is this life that we can't experience all these good things at once in one place with the people we love?
maybe that's how heaven will be.
all nations, all beauties, all languages meshed together to be unified and experienced all at once.
ha that might be asking a lot, but it IS heaven!

ps, you're too sweet,
and i wish i were still in portland so we could hang out.
i hope someday our paths will cross again.

I am Kate Maxwell said...

i know of a place you can stay if you make it up to haines...