Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a day well-spent brings happy sleep

I skipped class today. I feel so irresponsible, but so good at the same time. It was necessary; at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’ve been overwhelmed this week, with midterms with a head cold straight from the devil himself. I can’t even really tell you what I’ve done this week. My marathon internship/school week is T,W, TH and I’ve only made it to one class. Hah. That’s all I have done, but it warranted a break.

Somewhere in-between sleeping for twelve hour chunks at a time and popping this homeopathic cold remedy things every five minutes, I just got tuckered out.

And the weather today, the WEATHER, was beautiful and WARM. The sun was out and it was WARM. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been warm. I was walking down the street this morning, in an average warmth outfit and couldn’t stop smiling and then a few seconds later realized it was because I was warm and sunshiney and golden. That’s one of the best things about that golden glowy sun, is the effect of looking tan, hooray! And trust me, no one in the NW has a tan in February (a REAL tan anyway).

It was about 1pm while I was working on my paper that I decided that after a week-long hiatus from running, that I felt energized and healthy enough to run a few miles without gasping for air through my pin hole sized breathing passage of the past few days. Once I decided I was going to run, I decided that I should skip class, too. Can I just mention real quick that skipping a class in grad school isn’t like skipping a class in undergrad school... Our classes meet once a week for three hours, so essentially, I skipped an entire week of class. But I NEEDED it for my soul. I needed running and sunshine and the sunset (did I mention I was running into the most beautiful sunset? Yeah, it was amazing) and I needed a red cardigan. I tried not to go shopping, I did, but I didn’t have any self-control (obviously) and I’ve been dying to wear red, for some reason, maybe all the Valentine’s Day décor everywhere.

So I bought a red cardigan. It’s cute, not exactly what I had been dreaming about for the last couple weeks, but it will suffice. I’m on a budget. And I just can’t justify the cute one in the Anthropologie window for some ungodly amount of money. Since I saved probably a hundred dollars by not buying from Anthropologie, I decided I should buy a necklace, too. It was only five bucks, how could I not? And it’s pretty and delicate looking and has a little green bird and flower on the chain. Good purchases.

I was productive in there somewhere. I made an agreement with myself that I had to finish my paper that’s due tomorrow before I go to bed. Usually I procrastinate down to the wire…so I was thinking of finishing it during my lunch break tomorrow. I kept my promise and went to Vivace for a couple hours and hammered out a meaty paper full of research and theory. And now I am cozied up in my blanket jacket and listening to Pandora. Did I mention I got a blanket jacket for Christmas? This is pretty much me right now. It’s pretty amazing.

As one of my favorite people quotes often, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.” –Leonardo DaVinci

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rachel rianne said...

so for one thing,
I really love reading your writing.
and I can't say that's true for everyone,
so take it for what it's worth.

also I'm jealous of your warm day off.
it's finally getting nice here and I'm dying for spring.
I'm also sick and just waiting for a reprieve from life.

and finally, you HAVE A SNUGGIE?!
haha unbelievable.
that's the greatest thing I've heard all week.

hope you're lovely.