Monday, April 27, 2009

sufficiently soaked but smiling

I went for a run today. When I left it was warm and overcast with patchy sun breaks. I started out strong even though my knee has been a little achy lately. About a mile and a half in, out of nowhere, a colossal downpour hit and I was sufficiently soaked in about two minutes. I couldn’t help but just bust up laughing. It was exactly what I needed. I love running in the rain, but this was the best.

I love situations that are so completely ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh and embrace the hilarity of the moment.

People driving by must have thought I was absolutely mad with an ear to ear smile, just running through puddles, completely soaked, barely able to see through the river pouring down my face. I was running by this office building and it was fun to see everyone in the formal business attire sheltering themselves with newspapers and briefcases and running at my pace through the parking lot to get to their cars. I felt like I was in a movie or a Nike running commercial.

It felt so ridiculously refreshing. It was one of those cleansing moments, one of those washed by the water moments that leave you feeling energized and renewed, as if all my worries or anxieties rolled off me like raindrops, leaving only goodness on my skin and in my thoughts. I’m just sitting in my studio now, listening to the Giant upstairs (he sounds like one anyway) dance to ‘you send me’ by Sam Cooke (it’s a classic and a personal favorite of mine) and I’m still drying my soaked clothes with my Hawaiian breeze fan. And, I’m still smiling. Things are good.

“God gave you style, and gave you grace, and put a smile upon your face.”


thatoneguy said...

HA! I was out running, too. At first it was like, "maybe I can run under some covered spots to keep dry," but then it just got ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. My shoes are still wet.

Shannon said...

haha, awesome. i'm glad i wasn't the only runner braving the monsoon! so fun :)