Thursday, April 9, 2009

it's a new day

I’m thinking about loss today. It’s kind of my job to think about and talk about loss with people all day. I love listening to people’s stories about life and love and loss. That may sound like a strange thing to love as they are often heartbreaking stories to hear, but I find there is always so much joy and so many blessings. I get to listen and seek out these pearls they have said and re-tell it for them so they can re-experience that person or memory as a blessing. It’s a privilege to be a little piece in someone’s healing process.

Occasionally, loss will creep its way into my own life. I’ve experienced loss in many forms and I am by no means immune to its sting. It’s never been easy for me to say goodbye to people or places or things...haha…NOUNS. I have a hard time saying goodbye to nouns. Oh boy, I really make myself laugh sometimes.
So as I walk through yet another loss…I am surprisingly hopeful and feeling good. In all my experience with loss, there is always the opportunity to learn and grow. I feel that I am both learning and growing. Ultimately, I am resting in a plan far greater than my own in breathless expectation.

“…and it just might be the prettiest thing that you’ve ever seen, it’s a new day. Baby, it’s a new day.”

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