Thursday, April 24, 2008

rays of light

I was grocery shopping in Haggen today and when I walked outside, to my surprise the sun was bright and glowing. I had to stop for a second. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen sun shine in Portland. I found myself in a little pow wow of people on the sidewalk, all looking up at the sky and smiling. Everyone was a little bewildered and there were conversations about this arrival of sunshine after days or months of its absence; you would have thought not one of us had seen the sun before.

I kept on walking through the parking lot to my car and sat in my car for moment, relishing this reunion and greeting the sun after such a long absence. It’s been a rough winter all around, weather-wise, emotionally and spiritually. One can only take the storm for so long. That ray of warmth and light found me at just the right time.

You know how the sun can hit the trees at an angle that’s just right and it’s impossible not to see beauty? Sometimes, I think the light can shine on us at an angle that’s just right and it’s impossible not to see hope.

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Heather Olds said...

i hear you loud and clear! hang in there, champ..i think spring will actually get here in a couple weeks! at least, that's what people keep telling all i have is hope. but i'm getting a little suspicious, i kinda think there might be some conspiracy going on around here, and people are lying to me about 'spring' arriving soon...hmm...