Monday, December 14, 2009

Where The Road Meets the Sun

i am loving these two right now.

I wish I had Katie Herzig's voice.

I also wish I had known that it was Matthew Perryman Jones that came into the dragonfly before I told him he couldn't come in because we were closed. If I had known, I would have invited him in, made him coffee and asked him to sit and chat with me by the Christmas tree.

And lastly, I wish that there was a button or some sort of capitalization button that would go through everything I write and capitalize for me. Most of the time I write everything in lowercase letters but sometimes I think, 'hey maybe I'll write like a normal person and capitalize'. It would be much easier to just hit a button rather than going back and deleting and capitalizing...Gosh, it takes so much effort to do things like everyone else..

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Derek Gillette said...

Im not going to lie. This song doest do much for me. I like both of their voices, they are pleasant. And i like the cello in the background slowly picking away, very pleasant.

But i feel no emotion evoked. i dont relate to it. i dont feel inspired.

But i am glad that you do. And I also have a hard time consistently capitalizing my "i"'s.

I do, however, love Poison and Wine