Friday, December 18, 2009

The Swell Season

This post is for Derek, who was not pleased with my last music choice, who left a comment and called to tell me so. I feel like I should post some music I think he'll like to keep him as one my five blog readers.

I made Derek watch Once a while back and to my surprise, he actually liked it. When I am a huge fan of something and make an effort to say so, it seems to be a rare case that he will actually like said something. So I'm going to roll with that one and post a couple videos of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the Swell Season.

The first one is pretty and angsty at the same time and one of the best songs I've ever seen performed live. My guess is you'll like it. And the second one is kind of sad but beautiful..


Derek Gillette said...

Wow. Amazing post. One of a kind. It was almost as if it was tailored exclusively to my taste.

"In these arms" is, or was at least, available on amazon for free download.

I actually had it on repeat all day Tuesday this week.

Great, great, great, great song. Kinda sad, but so worth it!

Anonymous said...

Great! I love Glen Hansard! I got to see the Swell Season in November and met Glen after the show. What an amazing talent and a genuinely nice guy!

Great post!

Shannon said...

Thank you Derek, I hope our friendship is saved.

Glad you liked the songs, so good right? I must have channeled your taste since you had already been listening to 'In these arms'..

Thanks for the comment Christie :)
I'm so jealous you got to meet Glen, but then again I am quite positive I would have been as uncool and humanly possible in that moment..