Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cell phones and People's Choice Awards

A peeve...

As handy as they can be, cell phones are annoying and I think they may be breaking up relationships and friendships all over the globe (as well as forming them, but that's a whole other blog). Aside from cheating and scandals planned via phone and text, they are the start of many arguments in all relationships.

I was reading an article in the New York Times yesterday talking about texting while driving, or while in the back seat. Some were angry that their loved ones got mad when they texted and drove at the same time. Others were angry that their loved one was being unsafe and talking while driving. And then again, others were angry that a loved one would rather talk or text than talk with them while they drove. Interesting situations..

I've always thought it was rude to talk on the phone or text while in the company of others. I realize that sometimes, sometimes it's necessary, but let's be honest, most of the time it can wait.

Ellen Degeneres does a great sketch about phones and call waiting that goes something like this..

Call waiting, it's like the People's Choice Awards these days, except you find out right away who wins and're on the phone with what you think to be a good friend of yours having a great conversation when you hear the click of call waiting. Your friend says, 'hold on, gotta check this.' So you're holding, you're confident they're going to come back to ya. Then they click back in and say, 'I'm sorry, I gotta take this.' And you know what they just said to the other caller? ..'Hold on, let me get rid of this other call'

How rude. A real time People's Choice Awards. If you can avoid it, do. I feel that the same goes for texting or talking on your phone in the company of others though I feel this may differ in different social situations. The more people in the room, the more acceptable it is to talk/text but I don't want to get into that right now.
It's the People's Choice Awards people...don't make others feel like losers.


Derek Gillette said...

so what happened shannon to bring all this to the surface? tell the truth...who did what to you?!!?!??

if you tell us then we can talk really bad about them on here as payback!

Shannon said...

haha, not one person to blame...but i was thinking about it more after reading that article and see more and more people on their phones constantly. should know that you are one of the original culprits!

Derek Gillette said...

That is a ridiculously absurd thing to say. Blog Smear!! Blog Smear!!

Remember that one time I grabbed your phone and through it into the river because you wouldnt stop talking on it?

On a different note, did you hear Ellen is joining American Idol?

Shannon said...

DEREK-it's the truth! Your phone was practically another limb with all the texting etc. Good thing the person you were texting is now your lovely wife :)

I would never have such an addiction..

and I had no idea about she joining it as a judge?? or a contestant??

Derek Gillette said...

she is the 4th judge. she is replacing Paula. can you believe it???

almost as unbelievable as your half-truths about my addiction.