Sunday, December 21, 2008

this is my wintersong to you...

Portland has gotten so much snow that it's beginning to feel like I live in Aspen or the North Pole. It's beautiful and I LOVE tromping around in the snow or sitting in a cozy cafe and watching the snow fall. However, cities like Portland and Seattle, they are blindsided by winter storms and arctic blasts such as this and the city is left at a standstill. I have barely left my neighborhood this whole week. I’m going stir crazy. I made it out once for lunch with Allison and a run to Powell’s and another time for Christmas shopping. I haven’t made it to hardly any social outings because of road conditions or cancellations. I’ve just been working at the coffee shop all week and am so thankful for it because I need to see people. I need to engage with people and laugh and make stupid jokes and fall for stupid jokes for a day to really feel like a day.

It really started to snow yesterday and I couldn’t handle staying in my two block radius of work and apt, so I decided to take a winter walk all over the Northwest Portland neighborhood and enjoy the snow, the powdery sparkly snow! I didn’t know this kind of snow existed. If this is the snow that’s up in the mountains…well maybe I could try snowboarding again.

Some pictures from my winter walk around the neighborhood…”this is my wintersong to you…”

NW 24th Ave

NW Thurman St.

Align CenterStill with me?

The neighborhood

I hope I'm able to make it up to Seattle tomorrow. They aren't running the train. The roads are a nightmare. Yikes. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


rachel rianne said...


it's beautiful beautiful beautiful.
portland with snow would be amazing.

i wish that i had a job right now that involved lots of people,
bc i do feel a little removed from society wanting to be bundled up in my apartment all the time.

it's crazy that the roads are terrible and the trains are down.
i hope you make it home. :)
have a good holiday, miss shannon.

Lisa said...

This was beautiful & i hope hope hope you are able to make it here. It just wouldn't be Christmas without my sis. Stay warm and hurry home!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, I enjoyed your pictures. It looks like that up here too. Merry Christmas to you!

Ian Madelin & Nigel Barclay

ps. you definitely can't give up on snowboarding!!!

Jessica said...

Those pictures are incredible! Thanks for sharing my dear. I kept thinking that it would snow when Jamie was here, but it didn't. I think she will have plenty in Seattle... but snowy Sarajevo is truly breathtaking!

So good to chat with you the other day. Lets make a habit of it!