Monday, September 22, 2008

a new day

I’m sitting in my studio, now a furnished studio with a cozy Shannon feel. It’s been a peaceful morning and I needed that. I slept in and woke up slowly. Made some coffee and wrote in my journal for a while. Went to Imago Dei at noon and now here I am just cozied up in a blanket by the window with sunlight pouring through the room, listening to ‘after an afternoon’ on repeat.

There’s something about sunlight that feeds my soul. Maybe it’s because I have spent this past year in the darkness, spiritually and literally. Living in a basement apartment with no light and with no community to breathe life into me, the year inched by at a painfully slow pace. Candle lit and waiting on…I waited patiently for the dawn. Now, with fall inching in on the heels of summer, I can finally feel the beginning of a new day and a new chapter. I feel like life has been breathed back into me.

I am usually against any and all change in my own life. I love the familiar and the comfortable and feeling at home in my city. Right now I am so thankful for change and for newness and for the first time, I believe that change just may be a good thing.

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