Monday, September 29, 2008

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

(skip the intro, it kind of drags on..)

I love this guy. I've been listening to him for a while now and I listen to "re:stacks" on repeat every night as I fall asleep. It's the most peaceful song.

I know this was his bigger 'hit' on the album but I wasn't the biggest fan when I first heard it. I guess it grew on me :)


rachel rianne said...

re:stacks is my favorite too.
i woke up everyday to that album last spring.

he was in portland recently.
i have some friends who went.
did you go??
i'm entirely jealous.

Shannon said...

it seems re:stacks is great for waking up and falling asleep to :)

I missed the show in Portland, and I am so sad about it :(

Oh man, someday I will see him and it will be amazing.

rachel rianne said...

when it happens, you better call me.