Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Wee Confession

When I was in elementary school, I had the biggest crush on a boy. He was a cool kid. He lived down the street from me. He was a skater boy. I just thought he was the cat’s meow. Though, never in a million years would I ever have told him so, at least not to his face.
I let him know in all the socially acceptable elementary school ways…

-I told my friend, who then told his friend, who then told him.
-I looked at him and immediately looked away when he saw me.
-I would completely ignore him if he came near me.
-I would say my name with his last name, just to see how it sounded.
-I would talk to his friends but definitely not to him.
-I would write him notes in class, folded in incredibly difficult note-passing shapes
-We chased each other on the playground.
-I would call him on the phone and then hang up once I heard his voice. (this is pre-caller i.d., of course)

All these things, I have heard from friends as things they have done as well, but one thing I’ve been told, is a little strange.

I used to call him on the phone, and the times that I didn’t hang up right away and erupt into fits of laughter with a friend, I would have my tape player ready and play him his favorite song over the phone and then giggle and hang up.
Is this not the most genius idea?? I thought for sure this would make him fall in love with me. I mean how could you NOT fall in love with the girl who calls you to play your favorite Pearl Jam song on the phone? I never did find out if he knew it was me.

He did ask me out though.
I’m pretty sure I said no.
Isn’t that how you play hard to get?


Heather Olds said...!! did u get the idea from that john cusak movie?..except on the phone instead of in person..

Lisa said...

Awww i love you, this was an adorable read.

Shannon said...

I was actually a little bit behind the times on that movie, I don't think I watched it until I was in high school!

This idea came from me. I remember having the conversation with my cousin saying I wished my crush would call me and play me a tape of my favorite song, sounds strange now that I type that...