Saturday, May 3, 2008

The most incredible dream

I had the most incredible dream.
I was riding my bike over a hill.

It seemed like the West Hills just on my way home.
Except there were less trees and the terrain looked like farm country
with bright golden fields of wheat and green crops.
I felt so high in the air and the moon lit up the whole top of the hill so bright.

There were the most beautiful vibrant bursts of color I had ever seen.
I remember wishing I had my camera so bad.
It definitely felt like I must have been on a mountain to be this close to the moon.
It was incredible, like someone had reached up and pulled the moon close.
Everything looked amazing in this light and the moon was my companion.
I continued riding, wishing I had my camera.
I rounded the corner at the top of the hill and I could see the world.

The whole world.
It was like I was seeing it from space.
I could see Australia, South America, the Philippines…
The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty, The Mayan Ruins
I thought I was going to bust when I saw Africa.
It was almost like those maps that have pictures of the main attractions in a city;
Seattle would have Pike place market and the ferry and UW.
Africa had pyramids, and grass huts and red dirt.
I remember spoting Malawi from the hill and getting so excited.
I think I waved. Just in case they could see me.

I wanted this bike ride home to last an eternity.
My heart was overflowing with the beauty around me.
I only wished I had my camera with me so that my friends could see.


I am Kate Maxwell and home is in said...

that's a pretty rad dream

Outside My Brain said...

That's a really cool dream. I had one like that where I floated from Texas to California, then I went up and up so that I could see the whole earth. I looked out into the universe and it seemed as if I could see for millions of miles.

I wanted to explore it further and was going to take a look, when God said to me, "No, not yet - that's for later!" Dreams are so amazing!

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