Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sometimes life is just hard. It’s been one of those weeks.

Needless to say, it had been a long day and I was emotionally spent. I was closing down the coffee house and sweeping the floors like I always do. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a routine to fall into and just do mindlessly. The pile of dust and coffee grounds and crumbs collected at my feet when I looked down and right there in that gross pile of garbage was the word trust. I stopped and bent down and just looked at the word. Someone had torn the word out of a magazine and it was jagged around the edges and covered in coffee house debris. I smiled and let out a sigh and was thankful for a perfectly placed reminder.


Life gets messy and complicated and starts to look like a pile of garbage, but even in the midst, I choose to trust that one day all that is broken will be redeemed.

I taped the word to my phone to remind me throughout the day.


Christina said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!... I hear ya and I'm with ya. Your beautifully placed reminder amidst the "garbage" at your feet has brought a little hope to my day. Thanks! :)

Giancarlo said...

Such a Shannon post...

Shannon said...

awesome! glad i could give a little hope christina :)

maybe i could make it more like a mike post by writing in chapters like your epically long super bowl post..
pre-sweeping, the actual sweeping, finding the word trust, the dust pan...or i could write one sentence to sum it up.

rawster said...

Burn... Shannon, you told him!

It's so funny you wrote about this, because I actually had this exact revelation last night! I realized that this world is tough because this isn't meant to be our world. This isn't what God wants for us; he wants something more and better for us. And oneday, we will be and all will be redeemed. Praise God for that!

Shannon said...

i love that rachelle. it's so true.
redemption is comin' :)

rachel rianne said...

what a lovely post.
a subtle supernatural suggestion.

i was on the phone w/a friend from portland the other day and he asked, "do you keep in touch with anyone really from around here?" and i said, "well, i read the blog of a girl, shannon, sometimes, but we haven't talked in a while. i'm sure if i were back up there, she'd be one i'll call." so i was glad to see that you updated and that i had an excuse to say hi. i just got back from sierra leone... which isn't too far from mali, if i remember right. but i'm back in the states, looking for a big girl job to start in the summer... i'm looking to colorado, but portland's faintly calling my name... how ARE you up there? are you sticking around for a while? tell me everythingggg!

Anonymous said...

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