Thursday, July 2, 2009

oh ingrid, you say what i can't

Ingrid Michaelson....i can't get enough.

listen to this demo of her new song, 'walk away'.
beautiful. words. voice. harmonies.

"but i really know, that forevers, they come and go, so i'll hold on tight to letting go, 'cause i don't know when this love will walk away..."

oh ingrid, you say what i can't**

**words of a crazy Jenny Lewis fan at the Roseland, who also kept dancing and shaking her hair on me.

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karyn said...

Re: title of this blog post -

ROTFLMAO. Thank you. I'd almost forgotten.

How do you know, Ingrid, how do you know!?!?!?

I'm off to listen to the song now. Love.