Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am learning still, learning still...

Driving home tonight in the rain, singing the words, “I am learning still, learning still…” I was reminded that I am still learning, learning what it means to be a living, breathing person, living a life that is not my own. I have so much to learn, still. I find that I am learning in the still.

As much as I miss having roommates, I have come to love my nights at home in the tranquility of stillness, I get to cocoon and embrace this time of growth and solitude. Tonight, in the glow of candles and the sound of the wind twirling outside my window, I am engulfed in blankets and leaning into the stillness.

In the stillness, I feel the budding of redemption and restoration in my heart. Rising from the broken pieces is an unblemished and unbridled hope that I can’t explain. In the letting go and moving on, I’ve received a second and third wind. I am feeling inspired. I am feeling brave. I am feeling at peace. I am trusting. I don’t know where the road will lead, but I rest in that hope tonight and the knowledge that I am kept in the hands of the one who knows my every toss and every turn and reminds me to be still.

“I am learning still, learning still…”

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Lisa said...

You are the bravest girl i know Shannon. You know that even when you are alone you are not really alone. love love love you!